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Our Scholars

Our selection committee puts a lot of time and effort into finding the very best scholarship recipients and here you can read a bit more about the scholars, who have received The Lone Strøyberg Scholarship and what work they carried out during their time in London. 

Alexander Horsdal Andersen - 2023/2024 Lone Strøyberg Scholar

AHA Headshot.png

Alexander has a background in digital marketing and financial reporting and is currently studying International Business at Copenhagen Business School.

With the knowledge gained from the Business Sustainability Management course at University of Cambridge, Alexander will facilitate and engage in conversations around sustainability in entrepreneurship. While working at the Danish-UK Association, Alexander will engage with the Danish and UK members to further their commercial relationship. 

Anne Vejerslev Mikkelsen - 2022/2023 Lone Strøyberg Scholar


Anne made significant contributions to the Danish-UK business community throughout her scholarship tenure. Her efforts were centered around advancing discussions on "Sustainability in Entrepreneurship."


Her accomplishments included proactively working with the Danish-UK community of leading business leaders around matters such as:


  • Compiling a report on successful sustainability initiatives based on extensive interviews with senior executives of prominent Scandinavian companies operating in the UK. [A report on successful sustainability projects]

  • Organising and participating in the DKUK’s Net Positive Group. Facilitating content and coordinating quarterly meetings of senior leaders of the most influential Danish companies in the UK, to discuss various topics around sustainability such as technology, finance, social issues, and purchasing power.

  • Playing an integral role in planning and conceptualizing a high-level stakeholder event centred on "Decarbonising the Industrial Value Chain" for 100 senior executives. [Decarbonising the Industrial Value Chain].

  • Assisting in the production of the Green Horizon report and subsequent Panel discussions: [roundtable discussions]: producing a “white paper” on sustainability trends of Scandinavian companies operating in the UK, undertaken with Jessie Frahm, through a series of in-depth interviews.


She did much more during her time with us, as can be seen via references to her on the DKUK website as well as LinkedIn.

To see more about the work Anne carried out while in London, please read the full report from the DKUK Decarbonisation event that was held in June 2023:

Alexandra Holck - 2015/2016 Lone Strøyberg Scholar

alexandra holck.png

"I had the privilege of being the first Lone Strøyberg scholar at the Danish UK Chamber of Commerce, now the Danish UK Association (DKUK), in 2015/16.

Reflecting on what brought the most value for my career development, it became clear that one of the key contributing factors was the network you gain access and insight into. Here I am not only thinking of the interesting and diverse people you get to meet and learn from, which in itself is a great opportunity, but also the skills you acquire when attending these different network events.

Over time I gained the confidence to approach people, I learned how to decipher the minefield that business jargon can be for someone just starting out, and most importantly I learned how to develop and cultivate relationships.

When you leave, the DKUK not only gives you a wide and interesting network that may help you in your future career but also the tools to build and extend it. Another great value the DKUK gives someone that is starting their career is an insight into different industries, organisations, job positions, and topics.

Due to the variety of members, you get to plan and partake in many different events with different stakeholders and different topics. This provides a great forum to learn about the business world in a way that is unrivaled in many other jobs and organisations. To sum up, a scholarship at the DKUK is a great way to learn about the business world, how to navigate it, and how to cultivate and maintain a supporting network."

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