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The Lone Strøyberg Scholarship is currently looking for commercial, foundation and private donations. 

If you are interested in donating please contact the Chairman of the Board, Louis Wheeler.

Through donations the Scholarship fund young Danes undertaking specific defined placements working with corporate members and wider community of the Danish-UK Association in the UK. The Association provides a community that connects people and foster personal, cultural and business relationships. This sustains and builds valuable bonds of trades across the North Sea.

Scholarships can be general, sector specific, and guided by donor’s requirements, provided the scholar is available to offer wider support strengthening the community bonds upheld by the Association. This allows the scholars to develop an exceptional personal network of well-established international business leaders. 

Subject to the amount donated, Corporate as well as Private donors may have naming rights to a scholar, benefiting from any profiling while undertaking work with the Association.

This is a unique opportunity for carefully selected young person with high potential to further the commercial relationship between Denmark and the UK by developing a world-class network through the Association and its members. We have a proven formula which has shown great success through our first scholars as well as past and existing interns in the
Danish-UK Association. The scholar will leave with an experience in and understanding of relations between Denmark and the UK for the benefit of this commercial environment and the scholar.

With unparalleled connections within the Danish-UK business community, and their own extensive networks and experience, the Board offers assistance in finding suitable placements for the scholar's career development on completion of the scholarship, and continued mentoring as required. 

It is our vision that in the future we eventually will develop similar scholarships in Denmark for UK emerging talent.

A look into the life of the Lone Strøyberg Scholar anno 2022/23

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