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About The Lone Strøyberg Scholarship

The Lone Strøyberg Scholarship was established in 2015 in memory of Lone Strøyberg, the first Managing Director of the Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce (now the Danish-UK Association) in London, who died tragically young of ovarian cancer. We honour her through this scholarship. Click the article to the right for more background (in Danish).

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Our mission is to further the commercial relationship and understanding between Denmark and the UK. 


We fulfil our mission by providing opportunities for young Danes to develop their skills for their future careers, creating the right commercial and working environment to give a sound and secure basis for their development and giving clear direction and opportunities for their career development. This is a vital key, bridging the continued need for talent and understanding, sustaining and growing valuable bonds of trade between Denmark and the UK. 



The values we are built on are quality, inclusion, respect, enjoyment and enrichment.

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