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For Applicants

A graduate scholarship for young people who wish to make a life changing difference to the start of their professional career.


This is a unique opportunity for carefully selected young person with high potential to further the commercial relationship between Denmark and the UK by developing a world-class network through the Association and its members. We have a proven formula which has shown great success through our first scholars in the Danish-UK Association. The scholar will leave with an experience in and understanding of relations between Denmark and the UK for the benefit of this commercial environment and the scholar.

It is our vision that in the future we eventually will develop similar scholarships in Denmark for UK emerging talent.

The Lone Strøyberg Scholarship is now accepting applications until 15 May 2023. Full scholarship description below.

Fully Funded 1 Year Scholarship at Danish-UK Association in London: Sustainability in Entrepreneurship 

Each year, the Lone Strøyberg Scholarship (LSS) offers one fully funded scholarship to a  young entrepreneurial Danish student or recent graduate placed with the Danish-UK  Association (DKUK) in London. 

Our mission is to further the commercial relationship and understanding between Denmark  and the UK. The aim of the scholarship is to provide vital knowledge, experience, and a  unique high-level network to the Scholar who in turn can support, maintain, and grow the  commercial relationship between Denmark and the UK. 

The scholarship was established in 2015 in memory of Lone Strøyberg, the first Managing Director of  the Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce, now the Danish-UK Association, to provide work experience  for students with the Association and its members. DKUK’s mission is to connect people and foster  business, cultural and personal relationships between Denmark and the United Kingdom. 

Focus Scholarship 2023/24: Sustainability in Entrepreneurship 

Continuing from the previous year - for the year 2022/23 - the aim of the scholarship is again to give a Danish scholar the opportunity to help nurture and develop an understanding of sustainability in a business context in the UK as part of the  sustainability subgroup of the DKUK Association

For Danish companies and society, sustainability is a natural part of the fabric fostered over  generations, and this is increasingly so in the UK. A subgroup of DKUK Association member companies seek guidance, experience and leadership from each other, and inspiration from external stakeholders that can help drive this agenda. This group – called the Net Positive Group - is chaired by DKUK Board member Jessie Frahm, Owner and Founder of Planet One Point Five.  

Jessie is founder of Planet One Point Five, a consulting firm advising and taking companies through a path of sustainability understanding and fulfilment. She is a brand and communications specialist having worked with companies such as Arla Foods, Aarsleff Ground Engineering, Helen Bamber Foundation among others. 

Scholar role: 

- Promote the value of sustainability for Danish businesses in the UK 

- Identify, plan and deliver agenda and strategy of the Net Positive Group in liaison with subgroup leaders 

- Contribute to the formulation of the Danish-UK Association’s strategy in terms of member events, marketing and communication 

- Plan, prioritise and implement network activities within agreed budgets and financial targets

- Monitor and analyse trends amongst members, other chambers and related organisations 

- Contribute with inspiration and suggestions to all member companies regarding sustainability within the scope of this subgroup. 

- Be part of the DKUK’s Young Professional (YP) group of members 

- Monitor effectiveness and report on group activities with relevant reports and information for year-end Scholarship report 

- Approx 12-month period. The scholar will start in their own time with an 8 week online short course (see below), and is then expected to start the actual placement late August/early September, to finish July 2024. 

Scholar Benefit: 

- Salary, national insurance and statutory pension – paid via your placement employer DKUK 

- 8-week online short-course provided by University of Cambridge on Business Sustainability Management starting on 26 July 2023

- Costs relating to Employment Entry VISA  

- Travel to and from the UK – two return trips within reason. 

- 5 weeks' holiday plus UK national bank holidays. 

Scholar selection principals:  

- Applications will be received from candidates of all backgrounds, with a minimum of a relevant bachelor’s degree or equivalent level degree. We will seek candidates  with an entrepreneurial spirit who are highly motivated, self-starting, hardworking, ambitious, and a team player. Good grades are important but not essential.

- Evidence of commercial understanding 

- Evidence of understanding sustainability in relation to your studies, work and/or extracurricular activities in broader terms, linked to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 

- The application should include:

  • 1 page cover letter stating you interest, your strengths in brief, and vision to  how this helps launch your career plans 

  • CV – max 2 pages, incl. 2 references we may call upon

- Application deadline 30 April 2023 by email to 

It is anticipated the scholar will start the online course while still in Denmark.  

The exact starting time in the UK is subject to visa approval. It is envisaged the scholar will  find her or his own way to the UK during the month of August to find suitable  accommodation, get acquainted with London and the Danish-UK community, and start work within the DKUK by late August/early September. The year will end July 2024.


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